Kurslitteratur på engelska (Gymnasiet)

Biology (Biologi)

Biology by Neil Cambell

Essensial biology by Alan Damon

Complete biology for IGCSE by Ron Pickering

Chemistry (Kemi)

IGCSE Chemistry

Chemistry: the complete guide to chemistry by Chris Conoley and Phil Hills

Essential chemistry by Garth Irwin

New chemistry for you by Lawrie Ryan

English (engelska)

English A: Language and literature by Rob Allison

IB English B by Kevin Morley

History (Historia)

World History: Connections to Today

World History: Connections to Today (the modern era)

A history of world societies by John P. McKay (available at the Institution for History)

Mathematics (Matematik, generellt)

Pre Diploma SL and HL

Standard level mathematics by Ibrahim Wazir

Mathematics (Matematik 1b, Matematik 1c)

Mathematics 1 by Jan Nordin

Social sciences (Samhällsvetenskap)

Edexcel Government and politics for AS by Neil McNaughton

Essential global politics by Robert Murphy

Global politics by Max Kirsch

Sociology (sociologi)

Active sociology for GCSE by Jonathan Blundell

Physics (fysik)

Physics: the complete guide to physics by Ken Dobson




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